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Flexible LED Light, 120W


Need more information? Read the full description.

Need more information?
Read the full description.


LEDs:  588pcs

Wattage: 120w

Color Temperature:  3000-5600k

Operating Voltage:  DC-15V  10A

Compatibility:  AC Adaptor,  Sony V Mount Battery (DC)

Dimming:  0-100% Step-less dimming,  on/off,   Touch Screen

Beam Angle:  10-360

Control Function:  Touch Screen

CRI  95

Lux:  0,5M-10700,  1M-3270,  2M-849

Footcandles:  0,5M-994,  1M-304,  2M-79

Mounting Method:  X-Frame + CL-14

Dimensions:  610 x 465mm

Weight:  Light 0,54kg, Control Box 1,07kg,  AC Adaptor 5A 0,91kg.

IN The Box:
AC Adaptor DC-15V 10A,
X-Frame + CL-14,
Control Box,
Velcro Tape.

Additional information


The new ROLL-FLEX LED light is developed with the latest LED technology to perform roll-able Bexible movement with a 10mm thickness of slim panel.

It is handy light weight and easy to carry around which is great to use as a LED reBector light. With the help of the bracket stand, you can mount the Roll-Flex on a stand in order to use as a LED panel. The additional velcro accessories are included for multi-mounting purposes.

The external control box is connected to the Bex light, with LCD touch screen control, desirable color and power setting can be adjusted easily. Share your move (mutual control) is also applied to the control box allowing an easy operation with multiple units. Lastly, all ROLL-FLEX models are compatible with both AC and DC power to suit for either on location work or studio production.


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