FOTOTECH RL-68MC Flat Guide Light

384.30 incl. VAT

Round Flat Light, 68W

Diameter 60cm

Need more information? Read the full description.

Need more information?
Read the full description.


LEDs:  360pcs x 0.5W

Wattage:  68W

Color Temperature:  3000K – 5600K

Operating Voltage:  DC-15V 7A

Compatibility:  AC Adaptor,  Sony V Mount Battery (DC)

Dimming:  Color Temperature 3000K-5600K/ 0-100% Intensity 3000-5600K/ 0-100%

Beam Angle:  64

Control Function:  ON/OFF/  Touch Screen/ Mutual Control

CRI:  95

Lux:  5600K: 0.5M-5920/ 1M-1660/ 2M-467

3000K: 0.5M-389/ 1M-110/ 2M-31

Dimensions:  685 x 670 x65mm

Weight:  4.1KG

In The Box:


AC Adaptor 154V 7A


Additional information


The LED light is designed in a mirror-style providing extremely soft lighting for all applications. Any objects under the illumination of LED light would look soft and fantastic without the help of additional soft light modifiers.

The LED light comes in different shapes, round, square, and rectangle:
RL-18V / 18W / Diameter 17.5cm; RL-24VC / 24W / Diameter 30cm; RL-48MC / 48W / Diameter 40cm; RL-68MC / 68W / Diameter 60cm; RL-60MC / 60 W / 40X40cm. RL-66MC / 66W / 30X60cm.

All light models have the ability to adjust the color temperature from 3000K-5600K, with high CRI and TLCI of 95+. The latest technology program has applied to the light for a better power output which enable a 100% brightness for the full range of color temperature from 3000K-5600K.

A delicate control box is attached at the back of the light with LCD touch screen control, desirable color and power setting can be adjusted easily. share your move (mutual control) is also applied to the control box allowing easy operation with multiple units. Lastly, the all light models are compatible with both AC and DC power to suit for on-location work or studio production.


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