FOTOTECH LPL-S3602TD Flat Panel Soft Light

446.28 incl. VAT

Soft LED Panel,  72W

Need more information? Read the full description.

Need more information?
Read the full description.


LEDs:  576Pcs X 0.5W

Wattage:  72W

Color Temperature:  3000-5600K

Operating Voltage:  DC-15V  7V

Compatibility:  AC Adaptor,  Sony V Mount Battery (DC)

Dimming:  ON/OFF/  Touch Screen

Beam Angle:  68

Control Function: ON/OFF/  Touch Screen

CRI:  95

Lux:  5600K/ 0.5M-8010/ 1M-2110/ 2M/ 576

3000K/ 0.5M-7480/ 1M-1920/ 2M-524

Footcandles:  5600K/ 0.5M-744/ 1M-196/ 2M-54

3000K/ 0.5M-695/ 1M-178/ 2M-49

Dimensions:  520 X390 X40mm

Weight:  4.3 KG

Additional information


In the box:

Carry Bag
Adaptor DC-15V 7A
Control Box
V-Mount Battery Plate V


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