FOTOTECH LPB-70 Photography Box

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Portable LED photography box

Need more information? Read the full description.

Need more information?
Read the full description.


No. of LED Bulbs: 80 pcs

Power:  40W

Color Temperature:  5500K


Power Source:  DC 7.4V

Size:  700 X700 X 700

Lux:  0.5M-4950

Footcandles:  0.5M-460

Bag:  Yes

Additional information

LPB-50/ 70

LPB-50/ 70 series is a portable LED photography box, built-in light bar light tube, with fast installation/ easy to carry/ energy saving and other features, can take both pictures and video. With different colors of the background paper, standard with outer carrying case / Ideal for shooting electronic digital / cosmetics / jewelry/ daily necessities and other products.


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