FOTOTECH FT-600FB Professional Studio Lamp

219.83 incl. VAT

Professional Studio Lamp

Need more information? Read the full description.

Need more information?
Read the full description.


Wattage:  600Ws

Modeling:  1-6

Power Control:  78

Guide No. (ISO 100/m):  1-2s

Beam Angle:  >55

Triggering:  Photo sensor, sync cords, test button

Power Source:  AC 110-120 60Hz/ AC 220-240 50Hz

Modeling:  Lamp:  250W

Accessories Included:  Power Cord, Sync Cord, Modeling Lamp, Standard reBector

Additional information


FT series lamp adopts advanced automatic pressure stabilizer and various kinds of fault protection devices, color temperature standard stable, fast charging, 100% light output: non-segment dimming (series 1-6 block dimming), with optical reception and FM radio remote control trigger, strong anti-interference, high reception sensitivity, easy fitting installation, easy operation and so on, can meet all kinds of photographers shooting requirements.


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