FalconEyes IRISA 1

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IRISA RGB sticks

Need more information? Read the full description.

Need more information?
Read the full description.

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The new IRISA RGB sticks are built with FalconEyes latest RGB technology, it can perform standard light source tungsten to daylight (CCT), HSI and RGB color adjustment, color gels mode, as well as tons of different lighting scenes effect. It is also designed to have a Bluetooth APP control feature,  Apple IOS and Android phones can also be connected to DeSal Lite APP for remote controlling.

Taking into account the flexibility and mobility during use, the new IRISA 1 comes with a built-in battery (7.4V/3200MAH) for outdoor use. As tested that IRISA 1 can be used with battery continuously for two hours at full power output.

The new IRISA series (IRISA 1 & IRISA 2 & IRISA 4) are available in three sizes, 340mm/13W,  642mm/25W, and 1245mm/50W, all models are made of high-quality aluminum alloy to protect the housing from splashing water in a rainy day. IRISA is also equipped with mini XLR in & out ports to support DMX control to meet different lighting requirements.


Model: IRISA 1
Power Output: 13W
LED : 32pcs x 0.5W (W) / 32pcs x 0.5W (Y) / 30pcs x 1.5W (RGB)
Color Temperature : 2500K-9999K
USB Charging Port : 5-15V 2A
Battery (Built-In) : 7.4V / 3200MAH

Battery Usage Time: 2 hours

Charging Time: 2.5 hours fully charged
Beam Angle: 61°
CRI: 96 (professional level)
Control Function : on device & DeSal_Lite app
LUX (5600K) : 0.5M 885 / 1M 217 / 2M 59
LUX (2500K) : 0.5M 890 /1M 225 /2M 60
Dimensions: 343 × Φ60mm

Magnetic Connection: Yes
Weight : 0.56kg

DESAL Lite (Bluetooth Remote APP Control)


CCT Mode

Quick Selection of 2800K / 3200K / 4000K / 5500K / 6000K / 7000K

Stepless adjustment from 2500K-9000K

RGB Mode

Adjustment of Red / Green / Blue colors from 0-255

HSI Mode

Adjustment of Hue / Saturation / Intensity from 0-360

Color Gel Mode

Selection of various colors from LEE and ROSCO color gels

Effect Scenes Mode (subject to change or update)

Police Car


Fire Truck

Lightning 1

Lightning 2

HSI (Slow)

HSI (Fast)





High/Low Beam

Double Flash (Hazard)

Gathering 1

Gathering 2


Red Flash

Green Flash

Blue Flash

RGB Flash


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