Application with LED lighting is getting more popular, and it is always a plus to carry less equipment for your travel.

The new #BATEL #LED light is designed to operate under both AC & DC power, the built-in battery allows you to perform a maximum power of 60W for 40 minutes, or AC power for in-door use.

The BATEL shares the same housing as the SATEL-ONE with Bowens mounting for connecting withvarious light modifiers, with the help of all the powerful features as mutual control, touch control, and high CRI LED, producing professional footage is easier than ever.

BL-6T (3000K): Tungsten 3000K
BL-6T (5600K): Daylight 5600K
BL-6TD: 3000K – 8000K Stepless

Please visit our booth in the 2017 #Shanghai P&I Show to keep track of the latest new products.

2017 Shanghai Photo & Imaging
Date: July 13th-16th
Location: Shanghai New International Expo Centre, Shanghai, China
#FalconEyes Booth No.: #E1C21

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